SenangPay for Woocommerce

Earlier, i talked about the altervative payment gateway for woocommerce, which is SenangPay sign up. After i upload the required documents, my account get verified in just 1 working days! Once my account get verified, i enabled the SenangPay on my Woocommerce site. In fact, you can use your SenangPay service even your account has yet to verified, just that SenangPay is not able to process your settlement. All your money will be hold until your account get verified and only then will release to your account.

I have enabled the SenangPay service for about 5 days. So far, there were 2 transactions made through this gateway. The total amount is less than the RM100 (minimum settlement amount is RM100),  hopefully there will be more transaction made through SenangPay from my Woocommerce site, so that i would able to come across how is the SenangPay settlement process.

Will keep you guys posted once my SenangPay account has started the settlement process. Stay tuned!