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J&T Express – My Review for their service

Some of you might aware that there is a new courier service company just started their business in August 2018 – J&T Express. J&T Express claims that they operate 365 days a year, and with that reason, I signed up a VIP account with them, even their charges is much higher than other courier company.

For the past 2 months, I have shipped out around 50 parcels through their service. So far, everything in order. But, I realized that they always failed to deliver my parcel on Weekend and Public Holiday. I kind of disappointed with that, was hoping my customer will receive their parcel on Weekend or Public Holiday. Although none of the courier service company work on Weekend and Public Holiday, but this is the main reason i sign up with J&T Express. Not to mention that, their charges is higher than other courier company.

But i do find some great thing about their “Operating 365 days a year” service. That for 1 case, my customer placed an urgent order and need it ASAP, and it was on a Sunday morning. I called the J&T Express branch that near my house, and found out that as long as i hand over my parcel to their counter before 4pm, my parcel will be sent to their HQ processing center on that day. That means that, my parcel will highly shipped out by tomorrow, and most likely, my customer will get it on Monday. And guess that? My customer whatsapp me with a picture of my parcel with a quote “Thanks for the fast shipping service!”.

Another thing that I like J&T express so much is, a dedicated account manager and their helpful staff in the branch. Whenever I need help, i can just call or whatsapp them directly. Not like the rest of the courier company, where i have to call their general helpline if i need any assistance.

Lastly, I managed to take the photo the J&T Express walk in rate. But the image is kind of blurry, so I have to redo it in Excel. You can get the J&T Express Walk in Rate by clicking the link : J&T express Price List

BSN Branches List Added

Hi Guys, I have just added nother Bank’s branch list into, and that is BSN!

This listing is based on the official site listing dated July 2018. As always, please notify me if you found any incorrect information or typo mistake. I will update it right away.

Feel free to browse through the BSN branch listing here

AirAsia Sales Offices & Centres added

As requested by users, i have created a new listing category – Airlines. Under this category, i will include the most popular Airlines company sales offices / centres. This category is quite important for those businessman that need to travel frequently by Air.

This listing is based on official site dated 3-March-2018. Do contact me if you found any mistake or wrong information.

Meantime, the hotline provided is for AirAsia X service, and it is chargeable at RM 1.95 per minute. I’m not able to get the hotline for AirAsia. If anyone knows the hotline for AirAsia, please write to me and i will update it to the site.

You can get the AirAsia Sales Offices & Centres listing here.

Affin Bank Branches List added

Affin Bank Branches list has just added to This listing is based on February 2018 listing on the official website. As always, do notify me if your found any error or incorrect information.

After completing Affin bank branches list, left 2 more local banks, that is Agrobank and Bank Islam. As for the foreign bank, i will add it to the site once all local banks listing are completed. Most probably by end of the March 2018, i will complete all the local banks listing.

And please find the Affin Bank branches list here.

GD Express Branch Listing added!

I received a request from a user, asking me to add the GD Express (GDEX) Branch list to GD Express listing was in my pending list, earlier, i was planning to complete all the bank listing first, then only continue with the other listing. But later, about 2 weeks before CNY, i received 2 more users asking for GDEX branch listing. Thus, i decided to put the bank listing aside, and start adding the GDEX branch listing.

Due to CNY holiday, i was busy with personal things, as well as company matters. This listing took me around 3 weeks to complete! Anyway, i finally get it done today, and you can get the GDEX listing here.

This listing is based on official site, dated 10-February-2018. Do let me know if you found any mistake on the listing.

Alliance Bank Branch List Added

I just added Alliance Bank Branch list to The whole list updating just took 2 days!! Unbelievable!!

I usually take more than a week, sometimes a month to add a listing, but this time, just 2 days! One thing is because Alliance Bank has less branches, and their website is quite easy to gather the list compare to other bank. Therefore, it takes lesser time to add the listing into this site.

Anyway, you can get the Alliance Bank branch list here. This listing is based on official website dated 8-February-2018.

As usual, do notify me if you found any incorrect or outdated information. I will get it update as soon as possible.

AmBank Branch List Added

Another Bank’s branch list has just added into, and that is AmBank! By adding the AmBank branch list, has total of 6 Banks branch list now.

This listing is based on the official site listing dated January 2018. Do notify me if you found any incorrect information or typo mistake. I will update it right away.

Feel free to browse through the AmBank branch listing here

Hong Leong Bank Branches list added

Happy New Year to visitor! A good news to everyone, I had completed the Hong Leong Bank branches listing update, and you may now get it at This listing is based on official site listing dated December 2017. If you found any incorrect information about the Hong Leong Bank branches listing, kindly inform me and point me out the mistake. I will correct it as soon as possible.

You may get the Hong Leong Bank branches list here.

EV Charging Station List

If you are a Electrical Vehicle (EV) owner, or you plan to get an EV soon, where to get a public EV Charging station is definitely your concern. , a website that compiled all the public EV Charging station in Malaysia, is a useful site for those EV owner. It includes all the public EV Charging Station that locate at Hotels, Shopping Complex, Petrol Stations and etc.


If you found this website is useful, kindly share it to your friend.


You may visit the website here : EV Charging Station in Malaysia

RHB Bank Branches List added

RHB Bank Branches list is currently added to, the fourth member of bank listing after Maybank, CIMB Bank and Public Bank.


This listing is based on the official RHB Bank website in October 2017. If you found any typo mistake, kindly update me. You may reach me by filling up the contact form at the Contact page.


Here you go the RHB Bank branches list!